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House Pleasure


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In the greenest and cleanest scenery, adults will find attractions for their own while being sure that their kids also have a lovely playground especially designed for themselves.

Two pools offer swimming, sunbathing and reading leisure, different in forms but the same in extent of relaxation. Surf-lovers will get enough wind for their wavy feast while non-sportive persons will admire their sunny dreams flying up with the kites. Or simply the private beach - a sandy expansion of your well-being, the reachable Milky Way between the paradisiacal green and the ecstatic blue. The sea knows how to entertainingly excite travellers throughout the seasons.

And, our library - a collection of books partly contributed by the guests who once stayed, popular table-tennis and snookers, selective fitness centre, etc. are all here for you not merely to kill your time but to fill it up with joys, on your own or sharing them with even ones met by chance for the first time.